Our Services

Our family law services include:


Divorce is not always straightforward. You may not be able to locate your spouse, or conversely you might still be living under the same roof. If you were married overseas, or your spouse is currently overseas, you may need advice to make sure the correct process is followed.

Property Settlements

When you separate, you must decide how to split your assets. This can be formalised via Family Law Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement. To ensure a fair division of assets, talk to our expert family lawyers. They’ll help you understand what is and isn’t considered an asset of the marriage, how unpaid contributions are valued and what rights you have.

Parenting Arrangements

Parenting and child arrangements can be tricky to navigate and emotional for all involved. We’ll listen to you and work with you to forge a path that is in the best interests of your children. If necessary, that might involve mediation or applying to the court for a formalised Parenting Plan or Court Order. We will explain how parenting arrangements can be approached, and the terminology involved so that you can make the right decisions for your family.

Support and Maintenance

Child support ensures that your children get the financial support they need now and into the future. You can reach a private agreement, receive court orders or ask the government to make and administer a child support assessment.

Wills, Estates and Succession Planning

A will is the best way to make sure that your hard-won assets benefit the people you love after your death. Without a will, your property may be distributed against your wishes and the process may be costly and time consuming. If you are part of a blended family, you may need extra advice to make sure your intentions are accurately reflected.

Having proper documentation in place will help create a seamless transition from one generation to the next. It can also offer peace of mind in the event that something happens unexpectedly. While a will is part of this process for individuals, succession planning requires that you look at taxation issues and risk management as a whole.